Fetal Heart problems

Not many days go by when we do not hear about any new discovery relating to the affects smoking could have on people. Just yet another theory has popped up recently that links this habit of smoking t heart diseases in women. It has been found that the women especially the overweight ones who are in to smoking are very likely to risk their yet unborn kids. However unlikely it may sound to be yet this is the stark reality facing all of us today.

A study led by few people recently showed that the women who smoke a lot and are suffering from the obesity problem are having the highest percentage probability to give birth to such kids that maybe suffering from congenital heart defects. This has prompted a lot of the health workers and doctors to advise their patients to quit smoking as early as possible. According to such doctors the women who are expecting to give birth to babies should definitely take this advice very seriously and must give up their habit of smoking. They must also try to encourage themselves to lose weight as well. This study included its findings done on about eight hundred live and a similar number of children who were stillborn.
Fetal heart problems

These kids were suffering from congenital heart problems. Not just this but it was also found that smoking by mothers causes other abnormalities as well. For example smoking also increases and enhances the risk of problems that can reduce the flow of blood from the heart’s ventricular pumping chamber. This type of risk is more prevalent in women who are overweight and also affected by smoking. This has not happened for the first time when smoking and pregnancy has been related to many effects on the health and the reproductive system. Smoking cause a number of threats to the fetuses in general. Even though some find the act of completely abandoning smoking to be difficult they must try to at least cut down on their intake on a daily basis. Smoking during pregnancy has a major disadvantage to the unborn child in the mother’s womb. It can also lead to many issues like the early rupture of the membranes, placenta previa, and ectopic pregnancy and also can cause placental abruption. Also it can cause problems in the child; such as the child could be born underweight or can exhibit many withdrawal symptoms as well.

Fetal Heart problems
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